• Laxer Bruting system is most favorites and most famous system for laser bruting in Surat Diamond Industries . It has Lot of installation in market overall . This system can easily connect to current laser machine that using ACS Tech 80 controller(stepper) and Nippon PCI 4223 controller (servo & stepper) .
  • InspironShpe-1.0 is advance product for fancy diamond bruting and coning of fancy brilliant cuts like Oval,Pear,Marquis,Heart,and Custom shape is also possible. This machine comes with double camera in 1.3 Megapixel digital camera so it makes user to see every details of diamond like signs,cracks,inclusions easily in software. This machine is best in class for fancy stone cutting, main feature of product is that it prevent breakage of knot of fancy diamonds during bruting and coning.
  • Inspiron-X is a Smart Russian Bruting System to produce better diamond girdle,better diameter roundness in accuracy of less than 10 micron. It can also do bruting of Rough Diamond as well as polish diamond for perfect roundness. Main advantage of this software is that there is zero percent breakage rate of diamond with accuracy. It can easily recover any type of risky Diamond that can’t be possible in old technologies like Maxi Machine.
  • Inspiron-X 1.0 series combines three operation that generally used for the diamond bruting, coning and table cutting. It is very useful for ricky diamond cutting recovery. This machine is very useful in blocking of diamond in various stages as per planing like to cut unwanted part,remove part that contain defects/inclusions,recover risky parts during cutting. Every diamond manufacturer should have this machine in blocking department .
  • Aspire 360 is DSLR camera based 360 photography system that useful for professional look of diamond,jewellery or any other product for use online/offline diamonds sales. 360 product photography is an emerging trend for eCommerce business who seek to communicate products more effectively. Along with enhanced visual communication, 360 degree product photography will provide many benefits for online sellers that include increased conversion rates and decreased product returns.
  • DiaMatrix is advanced polish measurement system that is built on complete 3D Graphics & Advanced Image Processing techniques. It has most optimized and advanced function and all system built using high level calculation and accuracy. DiaMatrix can easily measure stone and show all polish parameter like crown angle,pavillion angle,diameter,height,weight etc. It also show symmetry and cut wise optimizations.
  • We offer highest quality superabrasive diamond ceramic wheels for bruting and cutting of diamond in various stages during diamond manufacturing process. Specifically developed to meet the demanding needs of precision cutting of diamond. Highest quality diamond matched to superior high temperature bond systems,guarantee high performance wheels. Diamond manufacturers who use these wheels report much improved dimensional accuracy and superior cutting edges. Wheel sizes for most bruting machines in round disc type geometries. If you don’t find a wheel this offering to suit your specific needs, a custom-made wheel can be also possible.

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