We offer highest quality superabrasive diamond ceramic wheels for bruting and cutting of diamond in various stages during diamond manufacturing process. Specifically developed to meet the demanding needs of precision cutting of diamond. Highest quality diamond matched to superior high temperature bond systems,guarantee high performance wheels. Diamond manufacturers who use these wheels report much improved dimensional accuracy and superior cutting edges.

Wheel sizes for most bruting machines in round disc type geometries. If you don’t find a wheel this offering to suit your specific needs, a custom-made wheel can be also possible.

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We offer diamond wheels that is made from Just as superior raw materials and premium diamond have a significant impact on productivity and performance so does quality manufacturing and superior bonding technology.Our team is dedicated to total quality management,as-promised deliveries,competitive prices and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Depending on the customer requirement Winner has the bond matrix to get the job done efficiently and at the lowest cost possible. State of the art bonding technology provides for the fast,free cutting of even the most difficult to cut diamonds.



  • Decreased chances of burn and heat damage to the diamond.
  • 30% more production than other superabrasive wheel.
  • Faster cutting of diamond, less heat.
  • Widely used of coning,bruting and table operations.
  • Produce more shine,smooth surface of diamond as per selectable grade.
  • Available in all size in round disc with diameter 150,175mm.
  • Only best quality diamond mesh is used in different sizes.
  • Custom wheels also possible on customer requirements.
  • Abrasive is strongly held and wear-resistant.
  • Capable of very high cutting removal rates.
  • Ideal for diamond bruting,cutting,table and other operations.
  • Great performance/price ratio.
  • Unique bond technology excels on.


Product Diamond Grinding Wheels
Technology Ceramic Bond Abrasive Wheels
Sizes 150,175 mm
Weight 1 kg


This product available in different models, please contact customer care for information.


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