Winner is the perfect choice for your Diamond Manufacture Process.

Winner Technologies is the leading developer of unified high tech products in diamond industries in surat. We make product that diamond manufacturers use to make diamond process like simulations, measurements,Diamond cutting,Diamond Bruting, Diamond Coning, Diamond Photography, Diamond Movie HD, Diamond 360 Movie, Diamond Processing Machines etc.that are so much a part of our everyday lives. From every diamond manufacturers are using our product that has hardware and software to create more accurate and faster diamond production.

Winner Technologies is passionate about putting the best available technology into the hands of every Diamond Manufacturers as quickly as possible. Winner Technologies unified high tech products are designed to help users accurate diamond measurements,accurate diamond bruting process in different stages, reducing time-to-market for stone preparations in ways not previously possible.

The products we sell are bought by both small diamond manufacturing companies and some of the biggest and most respected names in diamond industries.

Winner’s customers includes

  • Venus Jewel
  • Shree RamKrishna Exports
  • Bhavani Gems
  • Godhani Impex
  • H.Vinod Kumar & Co.

Winner Technologies Founded in 1996, Winner is headquartered in Surat, India.



Email: bhavesh@winner.co.in

Bhavesh Radadiya is Chief Executive Officer at Winner Technologies.



Email: naresh@winner.co.in

Naresh Radadiya is chief software Developer at Winner Technologies.

Our Vision

We share our experiences and services to create personalized solutions that simplify our customers’ Diamond Manufacturing processes and deliver tangible results. We get it done. We never hesitate. We develop trust-based relationships that are permanent.

We will move forward with action, energy, and purpose. We focus on getting better, not just getting bigger. We are committed to winning and keeping customers. We have a blast together and enjoy serving each other. We will never compromise our integrity.

We will be a global High tech Diamond Machine provider. We will be top of mind for all of our customers for any solution they need. We will be a great place for people to grow and work.We will be a partner that customers.. We will be an integral part of our company’s success.

Some of Our Clients

Company Abilities

Winner Technologies doing all research and development of product in-house from product proposal design to final product release. We can develop all product using all latest technology available in the market. We also have dedicated team for service and support who able to solve problems easily and tech savvy manner.

Winner Technologies product manufacturing is also state-of-the art facility which leads machine from parts to product with all criteria matching and final product inspection that take cares we delivers only good product to our customers.

Winner Technologies constantly upgrading their software on customer requirements and new feature request from customer as well for bug reported from users. Main advantage is that we doing software updates in less time that customer can use privilege of it.

Team Members
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